63 Math Timed Tests

63 Math Timed Tests. Progressive daily math tests usable for the entire school year -- for 3rd to 6th grade students. All tests are Common Core aligned. Perfect for classroom as well as home school use, the timed math tests are great motivators for students, and ensure a solid foundation in basic math facts and success in math mastery.

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63 Math Timed Tests begin with simple multiplication facts and progress to more challenging problems and concepts, including:

• multiplication facts 2-12
• 5 tests of mixed multiplication facts (the "Long Johns")
• multiplication: 2 digit times 1 digit
• multiplication: 3 digit times 1 digit
• multiplication: 4 digit times 1 digit
• 2 tests of mixed facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
• simple division - 6 tests
• rounding numbers
• simple algebra
• greater than, less than, equal
• math terms: sum, addend, product, quotient, divisor, dividend
• geometry: lines, 3D figures, 2D figures, polygons, angles, types of triangles
• fact families
• congruence
• symmetry
• area
• perimeter
• missing addends, missing factors
• fractions, identification, adding, subtracting, simplest form
• place value
• expanded notation
• odd and even numbers
• time/clocks/elapsed time/a.m./p.m.
• word problems
• money
• division with remainders
• measurement -- standard and metric
• patterns

++ Also included -- easy to use Teacher Record Sheets and Student Math Award
109 Total Pages
Answer Key Included
Teaching Duration = 1 Year