005 North Central States

North Central states Group - Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.
32 usable pages in this United States geography and civics workbook
For 4th - 7th grade students.  Great for home school too.

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The lesson plans in this U.S. thematic booklet include:
    • Full-Page Regional Map, complete with easy to understand mileage scale and highlights that include capitals, major cities, mountains, and bodies of water.
    • Individual State maps accent capital cities, major cities, distinctive geographic features plus minerals, farm & forest products!  Also included: state motto and state flag clearly detailed with color-it-in cues, map key, and scale of miles!
    • Each state springs to life with the What's Special background page! Everything from the state song - to intriguing state name origins, familiar nicknames, state bird with Audubon-like detail and description, major city names and populations, postal abbreviations, as well as engrossing historical highlights, landmarks, attractions, and well-known personalities.
    • The Map Questions activity is an invaluable companion page to each individual state map. It explores geographic details, and is enriched with select facts and points of interest to rouse students' curiosity - while they learn to read maps, use scales, and gain directional savvy.
    • The Special Feature Page showcases each state's unique personality with a learning-packed follow-up activity!
    • The State Review makes the perfect recap quiz for each state. Reference page numbers allow students to quickly find and review the material as necessary. Each review page includes a brief special interest piece relating to geographic, historical, or regional peculiarities that are unique to the state.

Special highlight pages for North Central States:
 • North Dakota--farming
 • South Dakota--Mt. Rushmore National Monument
 • Minnesota--Sioux Native Americans
 • Wisconsin--Dairy/Cheese Making
 • Iowa--Corn
 • Nebraska--fossils

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Total Pages - 32
Answer Keys - Included
Teaching Duration - 3 Weeks

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